Headlines: Game-date March 24th

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Satellites Foil Robbery, Rescue Hostages

22 March: In a daring frontal assault on the hostage takers, the Satellites save seventeen

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Umpqua Bank streetview

Dramatic scenes yesterday at Umpqua Bank on 3rd Avenue saw five robbers utilizing super powers take numberous people hostage. Local police awaited the arrival of experts, when the Satellites arrived. After Recon heroically stormed the entrance, Lady Liberty followed by throwing a police cruiser through the window and they all went in. As hostages poured out the sounds of fighting came fast until a robot man (Update: who identifies as Phenom) tried to flee, only to be shot down.

As there was no loss of innocent life and the robbery was foiled, the DA is declining charges against the Satellites, who are allegedly being considered for an award from interim Mayor Kelly Andersen's office

Send in the Clowns with Masque de la Cirque

23 March: Union Bay Natural Area plays host to new circus; Grand opening wednesday night

With life returning to normal after startling national events, why not try latest circus to grace Seattle: Masque de la Cirque. Featuring an eldritch cast of acrobats, clowns, and performers, Masque de la Cirque promises to keep you on the edge of your seat with laughter or suspense.

With such fearsome demand, tickets for the next few nights are sold out, but are available from performances on Sunday 29 March through April 30th.

Russian Military strikes back at Moscow Collective

23 March: Radio signals from the area around Moscow indicate that a massive Russian military response is underway against the plant-human hive known as the Moscow Collective. Signals are sporadic, but much has been learned from the Collective's attempts to instruct humans in its ways. Read the Instructions here.

International tensions rise after Egypt goes dark

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24 March: The latest area to be cut off from contact, Egypt, is feared lost to the demonic influence plaguing so many parts of the globe in the past weeks. The remnants of the UN claim to have some contact with the United States after months of disruption, leading some to believe that the so called 'darkness' is temporary.