Headlines: Game-date February 22th

Crucified body found with ‘kidnapper’ written in blood on wall of suburban house

Hank Synclaire found dead outside his Bellevue home, crucified to it. According to people on the scene, 'Kidnapper' was written beside his corpse in blood. Locals claim no-one saw anyone put him up there, despite widely visible area.

Comrade Hero escapes Omnicron ambush

A careful ambush failed to net soviet fruit when Comrade Hero, famous mixer of metaphors, eluded the goverment's grasp once more. Despite his benign reputation, goverment Powers are hunting him due to his 'unregistered' status and highly visible method of catching real criminals.

State Legislature in disarray after third murder

Carlos Bluthe is the third Legislator in two weeks to be targeted by the assassins known as Eskrima and Hunter. Mr Bluthe was found shot with a crossbow quarrel in his office at City Hall. Dental patterns helped identify the body. Eskrima and Hunter have also been implicated in the murders of  Legislators Jane Henslaw and Terrence White, and Medicaid Commissioner Kelly Douthal.

Dragon seen attacking North Admiral

A huge mechanical dragon attacked North Admiral late last night, causing superficial damage. Comrade Hero fought the beast, and after it vanished was promptly chased by Omnicron, the Powered wing of the Washington Sherriff's Office. Despite their best efforts, Comrade Hero escaped. Due to the superficial nature of the damage, it has been claimed that the dragon was perhaps illusory, rather than a serious threat that Comrade Hero saved residents from.

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