The broadcast television hack event

Television hack screenshot

A screenshot from the hacking event.


“People of America. Today is a Lucky Day. For I tell you He Comes.”

“You have been stolen. You are Corrupted and Damaged. Let Me let you See.”

“I am מטטרון. He does not want the People to be enslaved. He will Cleanse you.”

“You have great Power, and you Squander it. You Hurt. You prey.”

“You steal the Gifts. You Corrupt. But Sanguine will Be. The Destroyers are here.”

“They creep into your World soft as Pain and Calm as Thunder.”

“They will destroy you. Semiaz҉a͢s.̧ ́Shabrir̨iB̴al͝anVet͞i̕s.”

“They come for you. For the Evil you are. Your Corruption will be Cleansed. This is your Warning.”

“They will take you. Your Destroyers are Risen.”