Player Character: Casus




Clairsentient with limited telekinetic powers

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Casus is part of the Satellites, along with Vesuvius, Recon, Bendis, and Kumiho. He works with, and dates, the healer known as Athena.

Casey is in his mid-20s and is working on his Masters in History. He has two jobs: a tutor/lecturer at the Washington University of Seattle; and casually as a tour guide for Bill Speidel's Underground Tour.

Seattle Quilt Building

The Seattle Quilt Building

Casey and Savannah live in an apartment on the 4th floor of the Seattle Quilt Manufacturing Company Building. In the basement of the building is the entrance to the HQ. It is located in a refurbished speakeasy, and can be entered by means of a hidden trapdoor under the parking sub-basement.
Casus with lenses and earphones

Casus' upgraded costume.